Eva Jiménez

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Eva Jiménez-Cerdanya is a painter. Born in Barcelona, Spain, she grew up between the city and rural Vallès Oriental. She studied Spanish Literature in university and worked as a colorist in the animation industry before moving to New York City, where she supported her independent education in the visual arts by working in theaters, restaurants, and teaching art. She went on to complete an MFA in Painting at the New York Studio School, and from 2020-22 has been in residency with the Rosemarie Beck Foundation, painting in Beck’s historic studio and assisting in managing her artistic estate.

// Vision

My artwork comes from inspirations I find in my surroundings and memories of visual and spatial experiences I had as a child roaming outdoors in a valley with a view towards distant mountains. I experienced then freedom, connection, unity with the physical world, and a sense of the importance of bearing witness, as an artist, to what is present and experienced. Sensations I have felt, such as light, space, gravity, sounds, vibration, compel me to make art about the presence of these things I commune with. Places of my past have marked me and continue to speak to me through time.

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