Eva Jiménez


Announcement for the Show'

My New York

June 16 - July 21, 2022

Rosemary Beck Foundation Studio

214 East 2nd Street

New York, NY

My New York gathers paintings, drawings, and watercolors I created during two years as artist-in-residence at The Rosemarie Beck Studio, on New York's Lower East Side. Rosemarie Beck (1923-2003) painted in the space and the loft is now operated as a resource for collectors and artists by The Rosemarie Beck Foundation. Three themes have occupied me in my painting: a set of luminous orange goblets from a thrift store. The East River Park, three blocks from the studio, which was mine and the entire neighborhood's place of escapeā€”I drew and made watercolors along the estuary until the city destroyed the park in the name of 'storm resiliency.' A third focus came from a gilded mirror in the studio where my reflection offered a mask-less human figure to work from.

The show can be viewed online here, or in person till July 21st. Email me to make an appointment.

Dreamed Window Hanging in Gallery'

Connections: New York Studio School Europe

October 19 - November 9, 2019

Opening - Saturday, October 19, 2019, 6-9pm

Gerald Moore Gallery

Mottingham Lane

London, SE9 4RW

My painting Dreamed Window is part of the exhibition Connections: New York Studio School Europe, curated by Karen Wilkin and Mali Morris RA

From the Press Release

"The exhibition will showcase works by graduates and former students of the New York Studio School living in Europe. Included will be drawings, paintings, sculpture, installation, performances and video work. This exhibition aims to create a dialogue around art within this network of artists and open the conversation to the wider public. New York Studio School was created by artists for artists and the work produced by its alumni is notable for its rigor and diversity."